Be happy in what you have!

I was always a good student in school.  Along with that I was a pretty good singer too.  I dreamt of becoming a doctor and the motivation by my music teachers made me believe that I could excel as a singer too.  Years went by and due to circumstances, I could neither become a doctor nor a singer.  I was not really very ambitious, now whether its good or bad I don’t know!

By the age of 24, I decided that I wanted to settle down, as in get married! Many might think that this is a “typical Indian trait” of an unambitious girl who didn’t have any career goals.  Its not that, I wanted an unit of my own.  I wanted a companion to share my life with, I wanted to be a mother to nurture and love my own progeny.

I had an arranged marriage just few days after I turned 25.  Arranged it was but my instinct was right!  I had an awesome man as my husband who was my friend, confidante, my stabilizing factor.  I didn’t have to wait long to be a mother.  Both my wishes of having an awesome companion and becoming a mother were fulfilled in the same year!

When I was a student and used to pursue music, I had given my 100% to them.  When I became a wife and a mother I gave my 100% here too!  I never had any regrets that I had become a wife and a mother pretty young, that I didn’t have a flourishing career.  Yes, I am an absolutely normal human and there were pangs of jealousy or demotivation at times looking at people who had “raced” ahead of me career wise but then I didn’t know what other issues their life had!  I have raised 2 awesome children who make me proud and love me a lot; I have the unconditional love of my husband.

We all should be thankful for what we have in life as there are many others who yearn to be in our shoes, just as sometimes I yearn to be in theirs! I was fortunate to have an extremely lovable and understanding partner, I didn’t have to struggle to have children, I have lived the life the way I wanted to, I could pursue my interests as I wished to.

I still love Biology but can’t become doctor anymore and I still love music and will pursue that very soon again…




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