Don’t grow up so fast!

My son loves his PS2 and PS3 games. Whenever we would visit any mall, invariably he would look longingly at the “Game The Shop” and ask when I was buying him his next CD, as I would strictly adhere to buying only 2 CDs a year. Last evening, we went to a mall which has the shop just when we enter. My son passed a fleeting glance at the shop and then looked away. I couldn’t see the “longing” in his eyes. Hence, I asked him teasingly about the next CD that he intended to buy. He said, “Nah! Don’t want to buy anything now. I will buy anything only when I require.”
Children growing up always evokes mixed emotions. While on one hand I was happy that my son has become wiser, more mature, understanding, on the other hand somewhere I missed the little “demanding” boy who would have sulking moments with me when I didn’t give in to his demands. When the kids have the “different stages” sometimes we think, “When will this pass!” but one fine day when without our realizing when that stage really passes we do miss it..

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