Mind of a mom!

With all the news of depression, suicide, rebelliousness, constant reminders on how parents should handle children; one fine day my mind started overworking!!  My son has always been an introvert and quiet child and now with him being a teenager sometimes I tend to get paranoid as to whether I am handling him well enough.  I asked my hubby the other day, “Do you think our son is depressed of late?” My husband gave me a strange look and said, “He has always been a little less expressive.  Nothing new I believe. You are overthinking.”  On the same day I asked my son, ” I hope you are not depressed or hiding any emotions.  Speak up if you have any issues.”  I encountered the same strange expression, “Maa..I am absolutely fine.  You know I have always been like this. You are overthinking. Chill!”

Genes I tell you!

Wish a mother at any stage of parenting could be “chilled out” and not worry about either physical or emotional issues of a child!!


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