Nurture the relationship..

Often we don’t realize that men are as vulnerable as women in relationships.  Two days back had a tiff with my hubby and we didn’t talk to each other for the entire evening.  Late in the night we both realized that neither of us was sleeping. Next morning we had minimal conversation and we continued with our routine.  By afternoon neither of us could concentrate and be at peace.  We both messaged and later by evening were back to our usual “buddy” self.

Many a times we take our relationships for granted, especially when it comes to marriage.  That one night of not conversing made me very insecure, made my husband unhappy too.  We nurture and build our “nest” with so much love and pain; the thought of losing the happiness and peace shook me.  Call me old fashioned but for me nothing is more important than my family’s peace and happiness.  Might lack few things materialistically, which at one point or the other, we all crib for but nothing can compensate love…

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