Why so superficial!

Today morning there was a discussion on one of the radio stations about how looks are given importance in our society.  Its a bitter truth, still people judge most of the persons on their looks.  The listeners were asked to share their experiences.  I did share mine.

I am short and have always been on the plumper side since my birth.  I have grown up in small towns where somehow the outlook towards life is still limited.  I have been ridiculed, targeted, ignored only because of my external appearance.  Now I am confident in my skin, but during teenage years a child is very vulnerable. I had withdrawn into a shell and had lot of confidence issues.  I wouldn’t socialize because of the fear of being ridiculed.  Much later, in my 20s when I had lost some weight, had a wonderful husband who loved me and still loves me the way I am, did I become confident about myself.  Now I teach my kids to love themselves, be confident in their skin, and accept themselves as they are.

Its a pity that society judges and mocks a person on his/her weight, height, complexion, economical strata, academics, and what not.  Since the time a child is born people start commenting on gender, complexion, looks, abilities, and all such superficial things!  When will people actually learn to accept and love a person as he/she is from within?

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