Humanity never dies..

In December 2015, a large part of a slum in Kandivali East, Mumbai, got engulfed in fire due to multiple cylinder blasts.  Many shanties were gutted in fire, many lives lost.  The slum-dwellers lost their homes and everything along with it.  The slum is not very far off from my place.  As soon as the news of this destruction and devastation spread, hundreds of people from all over the locality rushed to help these grief-struck slum dwellers.  People from the nearby societies and apartments carried food, clothing, medicines, blankets even before the NGOs or government aide arrived.

People say Mumbai is a city of selfish and heartless people where nobody bothers about anyone.  But this incident proved that this notion is wrong!  People from all walks of life tried their best to help the victims of the mishap. Mumbaikars not just helped financially but helped many such victims emotionally too as many of them work  as housemaids or drivers in the vicinity.

People might “look” indifferent in daily life but when any such unfortunate incident happens they always show empathy and solidarity.  This incident reinstated the faith in humanity once again and also the spirit of Mumbai and Mumbaikars.


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