Unpredictable life..

Three months back I shifted to this new place.  I was searching for a part-time maid.  The very next day a few maids came for enquiry; one particular lady caught my attention. She didn’t seem too professional, was smiling, very frankly told me that she was in dire need of work.  My gut feeling told me that I should keep her as something in her was really genuine.  Three months went by, this hardworking, ever-smiling woman never gave me a chance to complain.  She would always smile whenever she saw my children as it would remind her of her 2 kids whom she left back at home while she was at work. She seemed to be happy in whatever little she had.

Yesterday, there was a series of cylinder blasts in nearby Damunagar slums, Kandivali.  My maid stays there. She had just bought a small shanty with her limited resources few months back.  More than 2000 shanties got engulfed in fire.  The whole day I kept on thinking about my maid and her family and their well-being as there were a few casualties too.

Today afternoon my ever-smiling, neat and tidy maid, rang the bell.  She was all disheveled, visibly shattered, asking for a few days leave and some clothes for herself and her children.  Her shanty had been gutted by fire.  She had nothing left.  Thankfully, her neighbors saved her son while she and her husband were away at work. I had an idea that she might be affected but when I saw her in person I really felt sad at destiny’s trick. I sincerely pray that she and all the other people affected in the fire get aid and homes to stay at the earliest.

We lament for so many things in spite of being blessed, we take our life for granted.  But last week my husband being stuck in Chennai and today when I saw my distraught maid, it again gave me a reality check that what we consider to be “routine” and “taken for granted” is actually not! We should value what we have, cherish each moment.  Life is very, very unpredictable.

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