An interesting discussion

Me and my almost teen son discuss about everything under the sun.  Yesterday we both had discussion about sex education, yes you heard it correct.  His classmate stayed in the US for 2 years and was introduced to sex education in the school there.  He must have discussed this with my son, as all the other curious tweens and teens do! My son asked me a relevant question, “Why is it that in spite of getting early sex education and exposure to the “fun stuff” the population of those countries is lesser than ours?  Why is it that atrocities like rape is more prevalent here?”

I told him the answer lies in your question itself! Because in those countries the kids are made to believe that this is something not to be ashamed about or to be seen as a “dirty” thing.  In our country, talking about body and sex is still a taboo for many.  You can quench your curiosity by discussing things with me, not all the parents are so uninhibited.  Something which is forbidden generates more curiosity and hence half-baked knowledge at times!  Awareness is the only way to stop all the crimes and rise in population.  I told him you are not going to pounce on a girl just for your own “pleasure”!  My son very amazingly quipped, “Every girl needs to be respected.”

I am happy that in an era where there is an immense pressure to raise “good boys” I am at least 50% successful in doing so.  If my son has realization that every girl needs to be respected, half the battle of raising a good citizen and “man” is won..

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