I had become a mom pretty young within the first year of my marriage.  So, I had a lot of first times in the same year; first time as a wife, as a mother.  Staying in a nuclear set-up with a new and young husband, I was scared as to how will I be able to handle and raise my child.  During the ninth month, my blood pressure shot up and hence I was worried about the well-being of my baby.  I had an emergent C-section and all I could think was about the safety of my baby.  I could feel when the doctors pulled the baby out and I could hear my much-awaited baby’s cry for the “first time”. When the doctors announced that I had given birth to a healthy beautiful baby boy, I was relieved.

At the age of 2 months when my son got his “first expression” in his eyes, I could see my darling husband’s eyes staring back at me.  The expression was ditto copy! That was the first time again that made me realize all over again that genes are such wonderful little things. Like all the  moms, I can go on and on about his first step, first smile, first day at the playschool.

Two days back, my son went to Shimla camp and this was the first time in about 13 odd years that he is away from me for so many days. Its the first time of his total independence and my staying away from him.

I have a darling daughter too and when I reminisce about her first time, the first thing that comes to my mind is that when the doctors pulled her out during C-section and announced that it was a baby girl, I was so, so elated. After cleaning her up, the doctor exclaimed, “Arre! she looks just like her brother.” The first time she was held by my then 4.5-year-old son was an emotional moment for me. Few days back I allowed my daughter to go alone to the nearby grocery shop alone.  I was worried, anxious, yet that was the “first time” when I realized that my little girl needs to be independent too. Few days back, my daughter performed a “Rabindra Sangeet” (Bengali songs by Ravindranath Tagore) for the first time on the stage confidently. I had tears in my eyes as she had made my efforts to instill few nuances of the Bengali culture fruitful.

For a mother, from the first cry of her child to every first achievement, the beautiful memories are forever etched in the canvas of her mind.


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