What is love..!

What is love..

When the mom wakes up every morning religiously without fail so that the husband and kids are not late

When the father doesn’t think twice before spending his hard-earned money to see a smile on his kids’ face

When the husband encourages the wife to fulfil all her unfulfilled dreams

When the young son holds the mother’s hands when she is fears the uneven roads

When the little daughter gives a kiss and shares her chocolate to make her mom happy

When over the phone the parents worry for the children

When the mother gives her favorite dish to the family and doesn’t have it so that they relish it

When the man of the house bears the heat with a smile so that his wife and kids relish the comfort

When the children give a warm bear hug to erase all the pains

When the old friends still joke and laugh like teenagers..though they are thousands of miles away

There are many more such gestures of love, which words cannot define..


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