An emotion that can’t be repaid..

My almost teen son is a reticent fellow who doesn’t express his emotions a lot.  He has been a calm, a tad introvert guy who is composed most of the times!

His old mobile had not been working well and had a broken screen.  He wasn’t very happy with it yet tried not to demand for it. I wasn’t too keen on getting him a new phone but my husband, the more giving parent, couldn’t resist buying a phone for him more so because he has an upcoming trip in Himachal where he will be away from home for 6 days.  My husband wanted to surprise him and hence ordered the mobile online without my son’s knowledge.

Today finally the mobile arrived and as expected my son was both surprised and happy! But my usually reticent son, after thanking me and then his father over his new phone, very emotionally said, “How am I ever going to repay what you both do for me?” I said, “The love of parents can never be repaid back. We do what we do for you because we love you.”

Its so true.  The love and sacrifices of parents cannot be repaid.  Its something they do selflessly, of course there are exceptions, despite facing many hardships in life.  Its the emotion of pure love. Its an emotion which can never be replaced or repaid..


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