Only memories remain..

Life never stops.  Its like a river which keeps on flowing, fast.  We also keep on going along with the flow leaving behind our past or sometimes forgetting about them.  But on some days, few memories, some lost people haunt our memories.

Yesterday in a forum I came across a post where a lady was searching for her long-lost school friend.  She got many responses and in one of the responses it was mentioned that her friend has succumbed to cancer few years back.  She was in her mid 30s!  That post refreshed the memories of my college friend, a chirpy, bubbly girl whose aim in life was to get married and lead a happy life!  I being an introvert didn’t have too many friends in college, but she was my best friend, my lab mate, and we spent almost the entire day together; laughing, talking, fearing our mentor’s rebuke, planning about future.  It was just before our final exams that she went to her home in Ahmedabad and promised to take me with her once the exams were over. But that was never meant to be.  She died in a car crash along with her parents just 2 days prior to coming back.  I saw her smiling face again but as a garlanded photograph.

My mother-in-law, a simple uncomplicated soul, who would laugh a lot when we had our conversations over the phone, whose last words would always be “bhaalo theko” (take care in Bengali) when she would end the conversation is a thing of past now.  She went away peacefully in her sleep few months back and didn’t give anyone the chance to bid her a goodbye. I will never hear “bhaalo theko” from her anymore.  I miss her hearty laugh. I miss her number flashing on my mobile.

These two happy souls whom I really appreciated departed very “abruptly” without even giving a chance to say goodbye.  Now only their memories remain..


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