I am guilty..

Human nature is complicated.  The more it gets, the more it wants!  God has been very kind to me (touchwood).  I was born to wonderful parents who gave me all the love and affection,  grew up with my 2 adorable siblings.  Materialistically we didn’t have much but our parents never deprived us and we were happy in whatever we got.

Now I have a family of mine; an adorable husband and 2 loving kids.  With so many unhappy marriages and relationships around, I would say I am blessed to be in a stable and happy relationship.

But still as humans…my greed overpowers my happiness at times.  On visiting social networking sites or listening about others, I subconsciously start comparing my life with them.  The reason of jealousy is always related to something materialistic.  I know many a times the pressure hurts my husband both financially and emotionally; I am guilty.  There are days when I am overwhelmed  managing two kids who are growing up and showing but emotional and physical changes.  I yell at them; I am guilty.  There are days when I am upset with my parents; I am guilty.

But those warm bear hugs from children and husband, one warm conversation with my parents and I am again given the reality check of what valuable assets I possess.

I know I am as human as anyone else but still the guilt of comparison hurts.  Learning each day to be a better person; I apologize to all whom I have hurt..


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