Love the children as they are!

Each child is different, even two siblings are not alike.  But often we forget this basic fact.  The first and most serious difference is the gender difference in our society.  Right from the day a woman declares that she is expecting, the society blesses her to have a son!  Why..why?  A woman or couple should be blessed to have a healthy child.  Wish someday this discrimination changes..

After a child is born, comparison with other children start from day 1.  As soon as the baby is out of the womb, he/she is judged on the basis of complexion, facial features, weight and what not! Shouldn’t people be happy that a sweet little baby has been delivered safely and that his/her birth itself is a joyous occasion!

Then at every step, be it attaining the milestones, then studies, again height, weight, complexion..the kids aren’t spared.  What people don’t realize that it affects the young impressionable minds badly, which haunts them for the rest of their life. People don’t think before speaking but the words can destroy the child’s self-esteem big time.

Why can’t children or an individual be accepted as he/she is?  Why is it expected that every child should be “perfect” in terms of looks and intelligence?  Throughout our life, we try to please others and try to meet their standards or expectations.  We have only one life, why not live and let live!

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