Mumbai meri jaan..

As my husband zoomed our car through the famous Bandra-Worli Sealink, as we sat admiring the sea at 1 a.m., as we saw scores of people, old, young, rich, poor, enjoying the cool breeze, chai, amidst laughs and chats, as I saw traffic jam even at that hour, I fell in love with Mumbai all over again.  It wasn’t the first time that I had been on long drives with my family or hadn’t seen all this before, but each time I see this somewhere I feel liberated all over again.

Mumbai is a city often cursed for its chaos, insensitivity, fast-paced life, ambitious (almost machine-like) people; but yet it is a city which gives everyone a sense of freedom amidst the chaos.  I have lived my childhood in open places with less noise, clear sky, many socializing people, yet somehow felt that the thought process is not broad as the roads there or that the spirits are not as free as the sky there (totally my experience and perception, I am not generalizing)!

If Mumbai doesn’t bother about its next-door neighbor, it also doesn’t bother how you lead your life, what you do, wear, eat, how you behave! I personally recognized my emancipated-self thanks to this city.

The drives, the sea, the traffic, the chaos, everything…but still Mumbai meri jaan..

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