Civic sense

Just the other day I came across an article in a newspaper where the writer stated how on a visit to Japan he was amazed to see the cleanliness and discipline of the Japanese.  There was no pollution, no littering, no honking for miles.  The people were disciplined in their conduct.

Most of the European countries, USA, some Middle Eastern countries are spotlessly clean with a great civic sense.  Why do Indians lack it?  The same Indians when they visit the other “clean” countries are well-behaved, do not litter, do not talk loudly, do not create nuisance but the same does not apply for their own country!

What is it that stops us Indians from following basic civic sense?  Is it the “chalta hai” attitude?  When we are paranoid about keeping our homes clean, why not the surroundings?  Is it the “lack of love or respect” for our country?  How can children learn the basic civic sense when the adults are not following it!

Honking, not following the traffic rules, throwing garbage in the middle of the road, littering the garden and monuments, polluting the beaches and holiday destinations…why?

Are we never going to learn?  Its not that we can’t follow these basic things, we do follow when in other countries, then why not here?  We blame the government, the municipal corporation, other citizens, but what about each one of us?

All the other countries are sparkling because each one of them helps in keeping it clean.  Right from a little child to an elderly, everyone follows certain basic rules.  We blame the West for a lot of things, why not imbibe their good qualities?

Its high time we implemented our basic civic sense…

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