Memories from childhood..

In this long routine course of life, sometimes we leave behind or push aside many of our aspirations, dreams, hobbies, memories.  But yesterday, revisited my childhood days after many, many years.

My father being a true blue Bengali had this great affinity towards Rabindra Sangeet, songs and poems by the great poet Rabindranath Tagore.  He used to sing “Robindro Songeet” in all the gatherings, functions, and would always get appreciated.  Me and my sister had inclination towards music and we both from a very young age would sing Robindro Songeet along with our father and yes we both were also pretty good at it! Sometimes we sang happily, sometimes reluctantly.  Given the fact that me and my sister have been born and brought outside Bengal, we did pretty well with the diction and singing.  Memories of we both singing along with our father as he played the harmonium in the evenings, in the gatherings, or simply listening to them in the days of our TV and any other gadget-free childhood is still etched in my mind.

Post marriage with all the daily grind of life and to be honest some disconnect with the Bengali community and culture, I didn’t sing Robindro Songeet for many years.  Yesterday again had the opportunity to reconnect with some Bengalis in the society and after years I again hummed a Robindro Songeet.  The song opened a floodgate of memories for me, those evenings with my father, the joy in his voice and we trying to match him, the Durga Pujas, the Bengali gatherings, the practice sessions; the days that will never come back, the time which will never be the same again.

The body might get older but somewhere we all have that child in us always, which hides behind the door of responsibilities, stress, practicality…

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