Fun in relocation!

Few months back, we decided to shift to a new residence in the same area; but the word “shifting” itself was exasperating!  Having stayed in this residence for more than 5 years, relocating to a new house was causing me anxiety. Me and my husband started planning in advance so that there could be lesser hassles (which of course is never the case!)..

Finally, the D-day arrived and when the packers and movers were ruthlessly packing our stuff in the dreaded brown cartons, it gave me jitters as to how am I going to rearrange everything all over again!  There were piles of clothes, innumerable books, so many nick-nacks..ufff..

In all this hustle-bustle and chaos, my darling kids were equally involved.  No tantrums, no fuss.  My sonny boy came back from school and straightaway went to help his father without even having his lunch.  My darling daughter was happily chattering not even complaining once about the odd eating or sleeping times.  Both the kids calmly tolerated our off and on “outbursts” without a word!  Finally, we shifted to our new residence and as expected we were stared back by tons of cartons which were to be opened and rearranged!!

Amidst all the hard work and tiredness, we four shared our moments of joy.  It was kind of a different break from our usual routine and monotony.  We had our meals at odd times, slept at odd times and in half-made beds, played games and chatted amidst all the heaps of clothes, books, and furniture.  We laughed and chatted like that after many days of tension that prevailed with the anticipation of shifting.

Life gives us chance to enjoy in many different situations.  Its not always amidst beautiful resorts or exotic holidays, sometimes pure fun time with the family can be enjoyed when life throws us in the most trying or chaotic situation! We four had fun (of course fatigue) in our relocation!  Lots of work but loads of fun too!


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