Future nurturer…

Yesterday had an exceptionally busy day doing a whole lot of work and shuttling in and out of the house.  In the evening again had to run some errands and ordered for a few groceries.  By the time the groceries arrived, I wasn’t at home.  I came back, saw my little 7.5-year-old daughter in her usual chirpy self greeting me informing me that the “grocery uncle” had come.  When I went to the kitchen, I couldn’t see the stuff.  I asked my angel and she happily said, ” I kept everything in place.”  It was a moment of mixed emotions for me.  It gave me immense joy and pride that my little daughter is growing up to be a mature and responsible individual who is caring and thoughtful.  Its not a big deal for many, its how the children should be!  But as a parent these small gestures give immense happiness.

I hugged and kissed my darling daughter and told her I was blessed to have her and wondered why people didn’t celebrate the birth of daughters.  My life would have been so incomplete without her.  She very innocently asked me, “If people don’t want daughters, then who will be the future mothers?” I wish the so-called educated and mature adults had the sensibility of my little daughter.  A daughter is the future of any society, its backbone, strength.  A girl/woman is an amalgamation of strength, love, compassion, care; has the power to nurture.  A woman who can nurture and bring up responsible children has the strength and capability to shape up a strong society provided she is given the opportunity and authority.

With each passing day, I can see a future compassionate mother and citizen in my daughter who has the capability and power to nurture a family as well as a society..

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