My daughter-my joy, my pride

Its a well-known fact that Indians still have a long, long way when it comes to treating their daughters well.  Right from the time a woman is pregnant, the first “blessing” is “putravati bhav”..may you be blessed with a son!  Nobody blesses the woman to be blessed with a healthy child. That’s so sick!

When I was expecting my second child, my darling daughter, there were some idiotic remarks like “Why did you opt for a second already have a no chinta naa!”  I wanted a child..plain and simple as that..for me gender didn’t matter.  I am my parents’ second daughter and time and again my parents used to get those sympathetic looks.  Once a moron had told my mother “its good that you have a son after 2 daughters..saare paap dhul gaye”..!  I mean seriously..!

Times have changed, we have developed in many areas..but still haven’t “developed” our mindset when it comes to our daughters.  Unfortunate are the people who treat daughters are liability and don’t cherish her existence.  A daughter brings immense joy and positivity in our life.  Her nonstop chatter, her smiles, laughter, her songs, her dances, her liveliness, the sparkle in those little eyes, the care and love for everyone..why does one have to measure these “treasures” with money or responsibility!!  I can’t imagine my life without the colours of joy that my daughter adds.

My daughter is my joy, my pride, my love.  Wish everyone is happy on the birth of these lovely angels.  Wish they get the love, respect, freedom they deserve.  Wish people stop being selfish and stop treating daughters are burden.  Wish they give them equal opportunity so that they can prove that they are as compatible and as capable as their sons.

Our daughters are reservoirs of immense love and care…cherish them..

2 thoughts on “My daughter-my joy, my pride

  1. I totally agree with you say that a daughter brings immense joy and positivity in our lives. I have a 5 year old daughter and she has literally filled our world with love… pray more people think like you do 🙂


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