Impressionable mind..

Last week, we went to see “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” and my usually reluctant, “bored-of-the-film” son actually liked the movie.  After the movie finished, I was casually talking to my son about the movie and asked him casually what he liked about the movie.  He said he liked the fact that none of the people from either country were shown in bad light.  There are good and bad humans everywhere.  Feelings are the same everywhere.

On occasional chats with my children, I realize that both actually do not believe in caste, religion, gender biases.  According to them, how does it matter if a boy marries a girl outside his “community”, are surprised to know about honour killings, discrimination against daughters, or why someone should consider himself/herself superior if he/she belongs to a particular community or sect!!

Our kids have impressionable minds and its our duty to nurture these minds with good values and beliefs.  Its high time we throw away the “garbage” of certain orthodox beliefs and not pile them and teach our kids to carry them.  The “aisa hi chalta aaya hai” needs to change somewhere.  A person should be known only by his individuality and not his community! Its high time we try to rise above everything else and just believe in humanity…

2 thoughts on “Impressionable mind..

  1. agree… my parents didn’t teach me which religion is good and which is bad……I am blessed to develop my own perception of people, things and places on my own. The same is what I want to believe that I’ll follow.


    1. That’s really commendable and that’s how it should be! Children should be raised as good humans, nothing else..


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