Words Of Encouragement..

Achieving something is purely a state of mind.  The more motivated we are the faster we are able to learn or achieve anything.  One of the major motivating factors is words of motivation which gives immense strength and mental support.

When I got married, I didn’t know how to cook!  I remember once my then brand-new husband had invited his friend over dinner and I had made this horrible “matar paneer” as I had never made it before, but my husband and his friend kept on saying “its nice” despite the fact that it was not worth eating!  I made square, rectangular, and all odd-shaped rotis and gave it to my husband for his lunch..but he never criticized or ridiculed me.  These things are important..they are etched forever in the memory.  These initial days matter a lot..these are make or break days..

Years later when I wanted to overcome some of my inhibitions, my husband and kids encouraged me to perform on stage and cheered me from the audience.

Our kids while growing up fall and hurt themselves, sometimes physically, sometimes emotionally; but as parents we need to instil confidence in them by encouraging them to never give up, to try again.  This will help them in the future to fight any circumstance in life.  Many a times, children are bullied, made fun of their physical appearance, academic performance by peers and adults alike.  These situations affect the delicate minds.  As parents, we need to read their minds and encourage them to stand tall and be confident about themselves.

Whether its a child or adult, everyone at some point or the other needs reassurance, encouraging words or actions.  These work as “magic potion” to keep going in life, trying out new things, facing all odds…


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