Give back the innocence..

I was raised in small towns, far away from the hustle bustle of cities, wasn’t too worldly wise, tech savvy (though in our times we hardly had anything), didn’t know much about money and other transactions (call me ignorant), trusted people easily, was blissfully ignorant about a lot of things…but had innocence bordering to being naive..

Time went by..taught a lot of things, got to learn new things about changing equations of friendship and relationship, became more patient, may be lost a few emotions, wasn’t rattled by circumstances any more.  We all eventually transform into these harrowed individuals from the carefree men and women who over a period of time forget to have a hearty laugh, don’t trust too many people, are always wary of future..

Read gives us lots of experience and maturity but in return snatches away our innocence..

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