Grow up women!

I know many might not agree with this post of mine, but I had to vent it out.  Its quite known that girls/women in our country do not get their due respect since birth, but the strangest part is a woman is the one who is the saddest on the birth of a daughter!  The neighbourhood aunty, the so-called educated relative, even the unknown women would sympathize on the birth of a daughter!  Isn’t it ironical that the women should be proud and happy that their gender is multiplying when the male-female ratio is dwindling and skewed in our country!

Often I have observed women passing remarks on how other girls dress up; blame their dress, behaviour, and values if they are molested, harassed, or even raped!  When a girl acquires a good job, her gender is given the credit rather than her hard work. When a girl reaches “marriageable” age, the neighbourhood women, relatives, show their “concern” and the poor girl is hounded by the same questions day in and day out!  When she gets married, even the slightest of difference and she is advised to adjust!  In most cases, the biggest difference is between daughter-in-law and mother-in-law.  Post marriage, her job is questioned, she is expected to be a superwoman handling everything with equal deft.  She is supposed to give the family an “heir”, oh yes a son..rather given an ultimatum by the mother-in-law and all other women!  When finally she becomes a mother, her parenting is questioned and compared!  If a child is behaving obnoxiously, she is questioned!

Women can even hate other women who are strangers!! Thankfully, I haven’t faced most of this scenario but I read and see most of the women suffering from all this.  The saddest part is the women who themselves face all these situations and discriminations show such behaviour once they get over it!

If we have to change the status of women in our country, we women need to support each other and not pull each other down.  The first step will be to be happy on the birth of a girl child..welcome her with open arms instead of sympathizing.

Grow up women!

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