A teenager again!

Due to my father’s nature of job, he would be transferred frequently and consequently I have studied in 5 different schools.  But not all schools were my favourites or I have cherished memories of them.  Only one particular school still remains my favourite probably due to the fact that I had the best time there academically, had amazing friends and teachers, and overall was pretty happy there.

During my school days, we didn’t have Internet, mobile, Whatsapp, Facebook, and so apart from occasional letters we didn’t have any other way with which we could be in touch with each other.  But unfortunately, that also stopped after a few years and I lost touch with most of those friends.  Over time, with responsibilities and meeting new people, I couldn’t keep track of those friends.

Facebook and Whatsapp have changed our lives completely.  Thanks to them, I again got in touch with my friends and even teachers after 25 long years.  Never ever in my dream had I thought that I would be able to be in touch with them again!  Now we have Whatsapp group where we interact like “teenagers”!  Its as if I am making up for the lost time as I couldn’t spend my teenage years with them!  We all forget our daily monotony or problems of life and have a nice “get together” virtually everyday!

We all are spread across different parts of the world..don’t know when shall we all meet in person..but at least I am happy that I could meet them virtually and re-live my growing-up years again!  I am soon going to be the mom of a teenager, but still feel like a teenager again!

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