Independence of my little girl..

My daughter who is 7-1/2 years old has always had a very independent streak in her.  She is fearless, vivacious, talks nineteen to the dozen, and wants her own space too!  We live in an apartment complex in Mumbai and I have never allowed her to go out of the gate alone.  She is either accompanied by me, my husband, my son or any other older friend of hers.  There is a grocery shop just few meters away from the gate.  My daughter has been insisting for many days that she can go on her own to that shop and I have always refused.  But today finally after mustering a lot of courage I allowed her to go asking her to call me from the intercom once she is back.  My daughter did that.

She was super elated at being allowed to be independent.  Most of the times the fear of the outside world stops us from allowing our children, especially daughters, to venture out alone.  I had few years back allowed my son to venture out alone too and was equally paranoid. Today I allowed my daughter to be “independent” for the first time.  I want her to be independent all her life and be her fearless and vivacious self.  I do fear the danger lurking in the outside world, but I would not want my daughter to grow up in a “cocoon”.  Letting our children to venture in this big bad world is not easy..every parent has to muster courage to let go the child.

The happiness and elation that this “independence” gave to my daughter cannot be described in words.  I want this happiness and freedom to be with her always in all phases of her life.

Let my little girl enjoy her fearlessness and independence..always!

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