Tough being an adolescent..

My son is an introvert who always doesn’t express himself. But since past 2 days I could see apart from being quiet, he was showing signs of irritation and generally was unhappy about something. After a lot of coaxing by me, I came to know that he was unhappy with a particular teacher. This particular teacher used to teach him in class 4 and again now in class 8. Four years is a lot of time where children undergo major changes both physically and emotionally. The teacher somehow is not realizing this and is comparing him and his other classmates as how they were in class 4 and subjecting them to taunts!

As a parent, it is very important to read the mind of the children by their behaviour. At home, we protect them, shower them with all the love and attention, but the bitter truth remains that there is an outside world which isn’t always good to them; be it peers, teachers, elders, relatives. My son is an adolescent now and I try to handle him very carefully as he is undergoing both physical and emotional changes. I know its a wishful thinking, but I wish the outside world was a little more understanding and compassionate towards children. Its not just toddlers and up to 10 year olds who are kids, the tweens and teens are also kids who need to be loved and understood.

Another tough milestone of parenting…

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