The unsaid words..

Her clothes were stacked neatly in the cupboard, her slippers at the bedside, her spectacles kept on the table, her clothes hanging in the bathroom, the leftover meals prepared by her kept in the fridge, her cosmetics on the dressing table, her mobile on the table..everything was there as usual..only she wasn’t there.  She had gone never come back again. mother-in-law of 13 years left for heavenly abode peacefully all of a sudden.

It suddenly with a jolt made me realize we all, especially women, take care of our home, our kids, husband, keep every nook and corner clean, run the household smoothly, plan for the future, worry about our loved ones…but in one moment we leave behind everything.

We hold grudges, we fight, we worry, we blame others…but what if we are not there tomorrow to mend things and relations!  Its too late once we are gone.  When our life goes on in the routine, smoothly, we forget this one aspect of life which we don’t even want to think about.

Lets speak out, mend things and relations, live to the fullest, and not leave the words unsaid.  May be I am a tad shaken now, but yes life is unpredictable!

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