For ages women have remained subjugated and oppressed in our country and so its heartening to see women and also many men taking a stand against this.  The way we talk about women’s empowerment or liberalization today is much more than the previous years; may be because of the more media mileage, women getting financially independent and becoming more educated, women try to break the age-old shackles, women trying to make themselves happy first than her conservative community or family, women become more courageous..

But sometimes this empowerment or feminism is taken to the extremes.  To empower girls/women, we don’t need to bash up all the boys/males.  Not all boys/men are bad!  Generalization of anything is not good.  Also..feminism necessarily doesn’t mean that a woman has to give up motherhood, start abusing, deliberately dress up trashy, or be promiscuous.

Empowerment is when a girl is allowed to live freely, allowed to express herself freely, allowed to have education of her choice, allowed to have job of her choice, allowed to exercise her choice when to marry and whom to marry, allowed to make decisions with her parents and husband at par, allowed to bring up her children the way she wants to, allowed to work or not work depending on her will and wish, allowed to walk out of a bad relationship or marriage and not stay mum fearing societal and familial pressure, allowed to roam freely outside in midnight without being judged, allowed to make male friends without being judged, allowed to wear clothes of her choice be it mini skirt or saree, allowed to breathe freely without being judged and questioned at every step of her life!

We should try to retain the true essence of feminism and empowerment..


One thought on “Feminism

  1. Agreed 100%. Its fashionable to encourage something at the expense of something else…to be a feminist, one doesnt need to be man-haters. It perhaps makes for better copies to sell and makes an argument more interesting that is why people like to take extreme positions.
    I would call me a feminist and also my upbringing, and I am trying to instill balanced thoughts in our little girl. Will see where we land 🙂


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