What is love?

Love is when my mother makes out that I am sad just from a regular phone call!  Love is when my father worries about my health more than his own.  Love is when my siblings who are far off give me the reassurance that they are always with me.  Love is when my mother-in-law encourages me to follow my dreams after these many years.

Love is when my darling husband without any question takes care of our kids while I pursue my dreams.  Love is when my two adorable kids, who always want me around during exams, give me the reassurance and encouragement that they will do fine while I am not around them and busy pursuing something that I really want to do.

Love is when my friends are happy for anything small that I achieve and motivate me to do better.

Love is when I am sad thinking that most women are way better than me and my husband says, “Don’t ever change.  You are amazing the way you are!”  Love is when the darling babies of mine give me the bear hugs and kisses and say they missed me when I was not around.

Sometimes more than the words the gestures make you realize “what is love”?

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