Joys of Motherhood

Motherhood is all about “sacrifices” with moms at one point or the other feeling depressed, frustrated, worthless, taken for granted, not given credit, and having many negative feelings. In the past 12 years of my parenting I have also gone through these emotions multiple times and still do with the kids growing up and not needing me around them all the time. It gives me the feeling, “Is motherhood a thankless job?”

But certain gestures makes the women feel nothing is more rewarding than being a mother. An infant’s toothless grin during the sleepless nights, a sloppy kiss of the toddler when you are really sad, the tight hug and happiness on the face of the child when he/she sees you, the wiping away of the tears and sweat of the mother with those tiny hands and saying “I love Maa”, those tiny hands trying to feed you their half-eaten rotis..

For me, now the awkward but warm bear hug and peck from my an almost-teenager son, the sweet words that “Maa you are the best mother on earth” by my daughter, and most importantly the freedom and cooperation given by my kids to pursue my unfulfilled dreams and hobbies and encouraging me to excel in them are what makes all those “sacrifices” worth it!

So all moms, hang in there..the rewards of being a mother are paid in instalments by the lovely kids of ours during this long journey of motherhood. If you are sad today thinking your life is finished after being a mother..its NOT..its just the beginning of a beautiful journey…

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