Communication  –  a very powerful word which is often the most neglected part of our life!  Half of the issues between people is due to lack of communication.  This may be between kids and parents, siblings, friends, employees and employers, relatives, etc.  Most of the misunderstandings are because of lack of proper communication between two individuals who often due to their own inflated egos refuse to take the first step.

Being a parent, I understand how important it is to maintain a proper communication channel with the kids.  Its more necessary in today’s days and times when kids are exposed to multiple things at a very young age, are less inhibited, more confident, more curious, more rebellious, where information (both right and wrong) is available at the click of a button.  Many a times, my kids scandalize me by their questions or by narrating their day-to-day interactions or banters with their friends.  Instead of rebuking them or getting shocked, I participate in their talks, answer their queries (howsoever embarrassing they might be) to the best of my abilities.  If I don’t communicate well with them now, they will never open their hearts out to me.

One of the most taken for granted relationship is of husband and wife, which most of the times suffers from relationship breakdown due to lack of communication or constant bickering and fights.  Again, the relationship which is meant for a lifetime becomes the most neglected one due to the lack of proper communication.  This is the relationship where two individuals build a nest, face all ups and downs of life together, grow up with each other yet drift apart more than any other relation.  Not conveying emotions properly, not sorting out issues by talking, constant emotional abuse by one of the partners, partners getting too involved with their kids or job, not making a conscious effort to just sit, talk, and laugh are the reasons of breakdown of most of the marriages whereas its supposed to become the strongest of the relations!

Misunderstanding often causes bitterness between relatives and friends.  It would be best if people try to sort it out instead of keeping mum or listening to a third party who might further aggravate the misunderstanding.

Life is too short and each one of us have many problems to deal with.  Instead of holding a grudge or being bitter, its better if we communicate more.

Communication is one of the most powerful tools to build strong relations yet the most underused one.

Lets talk more!

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