Dream accomplished..

I was always a chubby child and was never made to forget that.  I was made conscious at school, by relatives, and was subject to many snide remarks.  During the growing up years when the mind was more vulnerable it hurt a lot and eventually I withdrew into a shell.  As such, I was an introverted child and somewhat more inhibited by my small town conservative surroundings.  Unlike my other friends, I could never really find confidence in dancing due to my inhibitions.  My heart would encourage me to dance but my mind would discourage and hence I could never do that!

Time flew by, I got married and had my kids by the time I was 30.  I had no time to think about my dreams or interests as I was pretty busy with bringing up my kids and supporting my hubby.  Eventually the kids grew up a bit and I had more time on my hand and then I started to introspect.  I wanted to overcome my inhibitions and wanted to now fulfil all the wishes which I couldn’t pursue due to circumstances.  I got discouraged by the fact that I had crossed 30 and had some health issues as well as the old mental block.  But slowly I started to motivate myself.  I would give lots of credit to my husband and young kids for being my constant support.

Finally, I performed a dance number on stage with a group this month, in front of an audience, in front of my husband and kids.  It was not easy for me.  Women who have danced since their childhood and don’t have inhibitions find it no big deal, but for me it was.  The performance actually went pretty well and I really felt liberated!  I felt I had broken the chain of inhibition that I had since my childhood.  I finally could accomplish one of my dreams.

I have a wishlist and I want to fulfil at least few of them so I don’t regret later..Its not going to be easy but its not impossible either!

4 thoughts on “Dream accomplished..

  1. Have been meaning to comment on one of your articles I really love them they are heartfelt and resonate with what a lot of women feel. I particularly identify with this one because I too have such a wishlist. I am glad you are pursuing yours. I know many women who give up on theirs just because they think the time is past. As a mother this is probably the best lesson we can give our children. Keep writing


    1. Thanks a lot Radha for taking out time to read my blog. Now I believe its never too late to pursue or revive any dream. Marriage and motherhood are not an end of a woman’s dreams. It takes a lot of self-motivation and at times guts but at the end of the day everything is worth it.


  2. This is same story which I’ve read in novel (Secret Wishlist by Preety Sheenoy). I must say that you are lucky to having a loving husband, adorable kids and supportive Family. I’ve gone thru your blog by some referral Link and I am quite inspired after reading your post. Please keep sharing so that I can learn something from you.


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