Is it so difficult to maintain cleanliness and not litter our surroundings?  Do we litter our own home, spit everywhere, don’t flush the toilets, keep heaps of garbage in our own drawing room?  Then isn’t the same applicable for our roads and surroundings?  Has it got do with the Indian mentality where our homes should be spick-and-span but littering the neighbourhood is perfectly fine as the thought process is “its not my responsibility and territory”!!  Most of the Indians don’t teach their children to use the dustbin when they go out.  They are asked to throw the wrappers and other garbage on the road just like that.  Isn’t this being totally selfish?  How much time does it take to go and throw the wrappers in dustbin?  If there is no dustbin, then the least they can do is collect it and dispose it off once they are home!  No wonder these very kids when they grow up continue doing the same.

One more very irritating habit of Indians is spitting here and there; on the roads, walls, from moving bus and train not bothering where it would land!  Public toilets are in unmentionable state, dirty, unhygienic to say the least.

The same Indians when they go abroad behave so well and like good citizens.  There they don’t litter, don’t spit, flush the toilets..why..because that’s not their country, fear of law!  Then where does that “good citizen” disappear once he/she is back in India!  Have we taken our own country for granted?  Why should we hold others responsible for our country being dirty?  Why can’t we start from our own neighbourhood?  Is it so difficult to teach our kids the basic values of being a good citizen in the future?  Why do we need a “Swachch Bharat Abhiyaan” for our country to become clean?

Wish people loved and treated their country like their own home.  Wish that both the thought process of people and our country become clean without having to make efforts!


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