Social networking

Much is being said about social networking these days.  Wherever we go, we can see people glued to Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber and such.  There is a lot of criticism as well.  But come to think of it..though social networking has become addictive for many, it has also its benefits.

So many of us got to revive contact with our long-lost friends because of this social networking.  We get to make so many new friends and share ideas because of this.  My mother and her friends got in touch with each other after 40 years thanks to this; the joy on their faces cannot be described in words.  I came in touch with school friends after so many years and now we chat with each other as we were never out of touch.

There are groups on FB which have made life so much easier and informative for many people.  Now we can share ideas and thoughts and get our queries solved simply by posting one question and we get flooded with great ideas and information.  We get to meet so many people whom we would have never met otherwise.

My mom who is pretty active on social networking is so happy to connect with her old friends and share her sorrows and joys with them.

I agree excess of anything is bad and the social networking is addictive to say the least, but why should we always look at the negative aspect of everything?

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