From a carefree, stress-free, not-responsible-for-anyone young woman, one fine day everything changes. day changes it all.  Suddenly, you are supposed to be responsible, mature, worldly wise, know how to handle relations, money, be balanced.  Is it possible that a change in relation, surname, or marital status would change a woman completely?  Expectations from everyone is really high..why?

Then comes motherhood, which is a totally life-changing experience.  Now you are actually responsible for individuals whom you give birth to and will nurture with your love and care.  Over the years, the carefree, stress-free woman changes into a stressed out, responsible, sometimes irritable woman who is expected to handle everything with equal finesse, which in my opinion is humanly impossible.  A woman is as human as anyone else who can falter, make mistakes, and is ever learning.  The carefree laughter doesn’t echo too often.  Now she is accountable and responsible for every action, every person, every relation, finances, running the household impeccably, understanding the state of mind of every person..but who is going to understand the woman’s state of mind?  A woman undergoes a lot of physical and hormonal issues, more wear and tear of the body than a man does..sadly all those are stated as “state of mind”.

Every woman wants to be happy, free, understood, loved, stress-free, but its only possible when everyone around her also shows as much maturity as is expected from her.  Wish society was more flexible for women..

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