Happy Birthday!

When I was a child, the month of January was a month of joy and excitement for me; it was the month of my birthday!!  Those were days of simple living where kids used to get a new dress only on birthdays and festivals and so I used to be damn excited that I would get a new dress!  I would be excited in anticipation of the gift my parents would give me.  I used to live in a small colony where fancy parties were something kids didn’t even know of!  My darling mom would bake the most amazing cake, would decide the delicacies that she would be serving to all the “hungry kids” of the colony who would wait for birthdays.

My parents would get me my birthday dress may be a month or two before January and I would daily look at that dress longingly and excitedly.  My siblings with their limited pocket money and with no fancy shops in the colony would give the loveliest gifts that still are invaluable to me.

Over the years, with age and maturity, that excitement has diminished.  Now with responsibilities and worries of life, my birthday and my wishes have taken a backseat.  Now mostly I celebrate with my darling husband and kids as being a working month I can’t go to my parents always.

I always used to wonder what maturity meant!  Now I know what it means.  Now birthday means just addition of another year and attaining more maturity and wisdom.

Still..Happy Birthday to me!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday!

  1. Ah, so you are born on January 2nd as well? Or am I muddling up the date? Well, I know what you mean about the simplicity of the times we lived in. There was a different ring to it altogether. Well, none the less, the wheel moves forward and so should we, with the memories intact.

    Happy birthday once again.


    1. Hey thanks for the wishes, but my birthday is on 16th. Yes..our times were different, less complicated, we had lesser demands as kids. Times have changed and yes we need to change with time.


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