Happy New Year

So..the countdown begins..only few days left and we will bid goodbye to 2014 and welcome 2015.  What will be different in the morning of January 1st?  Nothing..but we, as all the other years, will look forward to welcoming another year on a positive note hoping that all our dreams and wishes come true, our loved ones be safe and in good health, and we see a major positive change in our life.  Optimism is the quality that keeps us going.  We face so many problems, yet the optimism that the next day, week, or year will ring in a new happy chapter in our life keeps us going and sane!

We are disappointed that we didn’t see the change that we expected but at least we didn’t see any change that could have hurt us, saddened us, disappointed us.  The turbulent times we live in and when we see others suffer irreparable losses we should thank our stars that we are so much fortunate that those weeping souls.

So..lets take each day as it comes, welcome each year with open arms with renewed energy and optimism.

Welcome 2015!


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