How fast time flies!

Come Tuesday, December 23rd, my son will turn 12 years old!  Can’t believe it!  Twelve years seem to have passed just like that..still remember those days vividly!  Some days and some moments are always cherished and we remember it vividly, minute by minute.  I was nervous as to how would I be able to raise my tiny, little bundle.  I was totally naive, knew nothing about parenting.  I was still learning the ropes to be a wife!  Me and my husband brought our 2-month-old little bundle back home and since that time through trial and errors with each other’s support managed to raise him quite well!

When my son was younger as all young kids he was enthusiastic about celebrating his birthdays with his friends and have a small party at home or in any other venue.  I would be planning in advance from months to make the party a success.  On the D-day, we would decorate the house with balloons, get a cartoon-themed cake of my son’s choice, the kids would come and create a mess in the house, dance, enjoy, play games, demand for return gifts, and then leave all happy!  Then me and my husband would be cleaning up the spilled cold drinks, noodles and chips strewn here and there, burst balloon remains, uff!  My son would open up all his gifts like small Hotwheel cars, board games, Ben Ten stuff, and be so happy!

But now..he is grown up..he likes to have a quiet birthday with his friends.  He likes to give them a treat by taking them to a gaming zone or Pizza Hut or McDonald.  Now I don’t have to prepare for his birthday in advance.  Now he doesn’t play with the Hotwheel cars or Ben Ten stuff any more.  No more cartoon-themed cakes or balloons as they embarrass him now.  Its now more of a family affair.

Kids grow up fast and there are remarkable changes in their traits.  The little cute curly-haired chubby boy is now a strapping, tall, handsome young man who looks and behaves like one!  His tastes have changed, the way he talks has changed, it will keep changing in the coming years too.  But for me he will always be the tiny, cute little bundle of joy who gave me the joy of becoming a mother for the first time!

How fast time flies..yes it really does!

2 thoughts on “How fast time flies!

  1. it is wonderful to share your emotion as I see my mirror image in you! I often repeat the train journey experience to provide you cold water by breaking an ice slab at Bilaspur rly platform to stop you crying! Now you are grown up and i am delinquent ….i also inhale your deep concern of breath of tears mixed with early morning dewdrops of sublime childhood days when i become irregular in attending physician!! love.


    1. Dear Baba..I am happy that you could relate to my blog. always remain kids for their parents no matter how old they grow!


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