So much to learn..

I grew up mostly in small towns where the atmosphere was a lot different from the cities and metros.  I am talking about some 20 years back when there was no Internet or mobile.  The kids in cities were exposed to a lot of things a lot earlier in life.  There was a lot of scope in cities whereas in the small towns, in our times, there was absolutely no scope to learn anything.  Many talents used to get wasted because of this.  Of course, things are a lot different now..

I came to Mumbai, the city of dreams, after my marriage.  I had the chance of meeting many new people in person as well as virtually.  The city and its people impressed me.  In the last couple of years, I had the chance to interact with many wonderful women.  They were so well-read, well aware, articulate, had so many brilliant ideas.  They had seen the world, interacted with a lot many individuals.  What particularly impressed me was their clear thought process, brilliant ideas and their execution.  I came across so many entrepreneurs, all having unique ideas, and doing fantastic!

There is so much to learn yet.  I get inspired by so many things.  I aspire to do things which I should have done may be 15 years back but couldn’t.  Of course..its never too late to learn anything!

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